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Petra's parents are filled with wanderlust and feel most alive when each day brings a new unknown adventure. They are happiest when immersed in a foreign culture, enjoying local cuisines, and discovering sights and people. Petra’s mother believes that the world is her playground. When Petra was conceived, her parents thought their traveling days were numbered. Her mother did not find the thought of traveling with a stroller, car seat, and baby stuff particularly appealing.

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Petra’s first international trip was when she was six months old.

When Petra was 4 months old, her father had to go on a business trip to Reno. Petra’s mother saw this as an opportunity to see what it was like to get back on the plane with a baby in tow. It was a short trip and the flight was less than two hours. She made conscious effort to only pack the essentials.

Petra’s first international trip was when she was six months old. Petra’s father had 6 weeks of paternity leave. Neither parent wanted to spend the time at home. That would be a waste of valuable time! Let’s go to Europe for a month!

At 1 1/2 Petra’s parents weren’t simply content with traveling to the ‘usual’ places.  Let’s go to Patagonia, Southern Patagonia, where the glaciers and Torres are.  Petra was just learning to walk, it was fall and the snow had already fallen covering the mountain tops.  There were hikes in Tierra del Fuego with nothing more than a xeroxed map, a dirt road where to catch the bus back to town, while it was snowing.  Petra loved every moment of it.

Petra’s dad, Asif Ahmed, is an award winning independent filmmaker that documented Petra’s every step on each continents creating a vast array of photography and video creating the basis for the show.

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What we learned traveling with our daughter is that they grow up so fast. All those milestones blur together- birthdays, holidays, family get togethers. But those trips to the far reaches of our planet, cancelled flights, tears, and a flexible bedtime across many timezones have created incredible memories at each stage of Petra's life that will last a lifetime.

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