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Kruger National Park

Safari in South Africa!

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Petra calls Chicago home and loves living in the city. Her favorite spots include the world famous Museum of Science and Industry and the Shedd Aquarium. In the U.S., Petra has visited about a dozen states. She was born in Hollywood (yes, that Hollywood in Southern California). In North America Petra has traveled to Vancouver, Montreal and the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Petra will take you snorkeling to the cenotes when she visits Cancun in an upcoming episode.

Petra’s favorite spot in South America is Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses, which is 2 degrees south of the equator in Brazil. It takes a full day to get there; plane, van, boat, and foot but when you do…wow!. Petra has been to Argentina and Chile, with quick stops in Uruguay and Paraguay. In Southern Patagonia, Petra learned to walk surrounded by glaciers, Torres and some of the bluest skies one will ever get to see.

The largest continent and Petra has only scratched the surface. Her first adventure to Asia was to explore the Ancient Temples of Angkor Watt. Petra climbed and explored many of these ancient temples. She has also visited the gardens of Singapore and made a quick stop for sushi in Tokyo.

Petra has been exploring Europe since before she can remember. Christmas markets, castles, Game of Thrones landmarks and perfecting her skiing. Her favorites are from her most recent adventures: Scotland where fairies and unicorns still roam, Portugal and Italy.

There is much more to see in Africa! Petra was transfixed by the ancient world of Egypt – there were mummies there! The Safari in South Africa – seeing animals including the ‘Big 5’ in their natural habitat – was a wide-eyed feast for Petra. You don’t get to see lions eating a freshly killed buffalo at the Lincoln Park Zoo with buzzards swarming the skies above.

Australia was an adventure down under and many firsts for Petra: snorkeling, The Great Barrier Reef, camping in the outback and holding a baby koala!

OK, Petra hasn’t been here yet, That dot you see at the end of South America is actually Cabo de Hornos, Cape Horn, which is on the southern tip of South America. This island, which is only 500 miles from Antartica, is part of Chile. She stopped here on an amazingly calm seas day about 500 years after Magellan visited!

living on

the road

The airplane is my 2nd home.  24 hrs to get to Australia!”

My favorite way to travel.  12 hours on a plane no problem.  ‘I bring games and they better have movies, princess movies!’   I have traveled more than 75,000 miles by air.

My 2nd favorite way to travel.  The “L” train too in Chicago.  It’s kinda of noisy though.  The subways in Singapore and Sydney didn’t make any noise.  The trains don’t have any movies but some of them have bunk beds.

I was really young on my first cruise through glaciers and fjords in southern Patagonia.  I do remember cruising the Nile past oases, camels and cool ruins.   We even went shopping from the boat, I first thought they were pirates coming to our ship on another boat and throwing handicrafts at us.

Cars are OK, though I can fall asleep much easier in the car than elsewhere.  In some countries they drive on the other side of the road.

I just learned to ride two wheels and practicing biking longer distances.  Not sure I want to go too far just yet.  In Chicago there aren’t any hills so I still like it.

Petra's Playground


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