Let’s Go to Australia!

Have you ever held a crocodile?  I did!  In our 2nd episode in Australia we will visit a Wild Farm and hang with crocodiles.  Did you know crocodiles are ticklish?  The owner even sits on a crocodile and found their tickle spot.  Crazy.

I saw baby joey in its mom’s pouch, the kangaroos hop so funny.  We will also get to see skinks, snakes, emus, wallabies and koalas.  The baby koala hugged me back.  : )

Are Crocodiles Ticklish?

But first we will hike around Uluru Rock.  It 10KM to walk around the base, that is about 6 miles.  This is the 2nd biggest rock in the world.  Did you know my name means rock?

The biggest rock in the world is Mount Augustus which is also in Australia.  It’s two-and-a-half times the size of Uluru!
Hiking around the rock I saw where the Aborigines lived and at night I saw the most amazing stars even shooting stars.

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